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Quote from fewlio :

Game of Death has Bruce Lee's action star character who is "accidentally" shot by a criminal organization while filming on set as part of the storyline, but he mysteriously passed away around the age of 30, before that last film was completed...

During the filming of The Crow, Bruce's son Brandon Lee was "accidentally" shot with a hollywood blank gun that had a projectile/obstruction stuffed down the barrel for some reason before the blank was fired. Eerily similar to the storyline of "Game of Death" and not at all like the tragedy on the set where Baldwin accidentally shot someone with live ammo, this was a blank gun and the bullets in the magazine were all blank.Either it wasn't cleared of some bizarre obstruction , or it was put there on purpose...

Bruce and Brandon, you will not be forgotten!

The projectile that killed Brandon Lee WAS actually a bullet from a previous dummy cartridge fired in the revolver that a propmaster had accidentally left with a functioning primer. The primer had just enough force to push the bullet out of the cartridge and into the barrel. That bullet was then subsequently fired from the barrel when a blank was used and it ended up striking and killing Brandon.

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